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To say goodbye to My five Six year old computer that just died early today at Monday 3rd marsh. Or rather it refuses to stay on for a while before it either freezes entirely, rebootes on itself or just shuts Down on its own. Hopefully, I can get a new one soon but now i have to use My iPad inorder to check up online. Now if only i could figure how to set the text language to english...
Ask me something!!!!
This... is gonna be so AWESOME!!!

I am so happy!!... :iconiloveyouplz:
And this is how I feel about it XD…
Hope that all of you had a nice New Years Eve, and I hope that you didn't blow up any windows with fireworks, got drunken silly that you had to spend the night at a police station and not your hotel or apartment, slept with your cousin's ugly girlfriend, ate too much candy, bite off anyone's finger in drunken rage (no seriously that really happened), challenged big brutes in hand combat, set neighbors balconies with bottle rockets, played "find the keys" to your car with yourself in a crowded town square and holding on a rocket in your hands while lit on.
But other than that, I hope that this year will teach you not to screw up this time.
Well, this is a sad day for Africa. Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday, he was 95 years old. Rest in ease, Nelson, you were what Africa both needed and deserved.
Stole this one from Rimani because I was bored and needed to update something.

FAKE FRIENDS: Say they are too busy to listen to your problems, but when it comes to them they expect you to have all the time in the world.
REAL FRIENDS: Not only kick everything out of their schedule to listen to what's wrong, but help come up with vindictive plans to make you feel
a whole lot better!
(Hell yeah! :iconproudplz: )

FAKE FRIENDS: Make you say sorry when you want to talk to them at odd hours of the night, or even just hang out at odd hours.
REAL FRIENDS: Come right over and hang out with you, until you either fall asleep, or kick them out.
(or sneak a peek X3)

FAKE FRIENDS: call your parents mr./ mrs.
REAL FRIENDS: call your parents DAD/ MOM.
  (Who does that??)

FAKE FRIENDS: borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
REAL FRIENDS: keep your stuff so long they forget it's yours.
(Are those MY PANTS???)

FAKE FRIENDS: will help you when you fall.
REAL FRIENDS: will jump on top of you.
(Dont ask ME to do that for ya XD)

FAKE FRIENDS: say "love ya" jokingly.
REAL FRIENDS: say "I love you" and they mean it.

FAKE FRIENDS: Will sit with you after a breakup and say "I'm sorry"
REAL FRIENDS: Will call them and ask what their problem is before devising a plan to destroy them.

FAKE FRIENDS: Either lie to you or make you feel ashamed with their words when you ask "Does this make me look fat?"
REAL FRIENDS: Say the truth with a littlebit nicer words to the question "Does this make me look fat?" and help you pick up the right size. (No
your FAT is making your ass look so fat(Okay I wouldnt say that, but seriously I hate thise kind of questions considering I am fat)))

FAKE FRIENDS: will read this.
REAL FRIENDS: will steal this <--- but only by choise!

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...You've all read the title, you know whats coming. I don't even need to say more, do I? ....Fine.

The Fourth Season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has finally started!  :boogie:

If you haven't read my previous reviews, that's fine because no one really reads journals these days unless its about real life personal drama or tragedies but needless to say I love this show despite it being for minor aged girls and all the flaws and whatnot that it implies, so I won't waste more time doing a overly long introduction about this show and lets just get right into this pickle.

So the show starts in the city of Ponyville where the Mane Six... or Four and the babydragon Spike atleast are watching the tomboyish pegasus Rainbow Dash as she gives flying lessons to Princess Twilight Sparkle...
...Oh yeah, maybe I should address my initial thoughts and opinions about that one plus I really need some distraction from any potential vampire jokes. A little short synopsis: In the third season finale called "Magical Mystery Cure" in which it had even more musical numbers and padding instead of actual character development than the third season opening, Twilight accidentally read a incomplete spell which caused all the ponies cutie marks to switch places on different ponies. Which is kinda weird considering that the show has stated in earlier seasons that the cutie marks was only more like a symbol signifying each unique pony's personality and talents that a young foal can get after discovering a certain talent they like to do after trying several other options, not making them what they are and/or do and become disoriented if the marks were switched but that's me being nit picky and digressing.
Needless to say, Twilight manages to cure the spell by completing the spell and for some reason that was enough to make her a alicorn with combined magic of a unicorn and the wings of a pegasus. Like she didn't deserve that after saving the world from certain doom several times in a row in the show, but okay okay that's enough ranting. So Twilight becomes a princess while the other princesses remains their positions instead of becoming queens which in turn cause quite the reactions for fans. Some hated the idea, some loved it while some remained neutral and liked the idea but was rather concerned that this show would have jumped the shark. I was one of the last one. Alright, everyone clear with it? Good, back to the review.

So Rainbow Dash gives Twilight, oh sorry I mean PRINCESS_TWILIGHT_SPARKLE some flying lesson even though it would seem that she got the flying part pretty good as we saw her fly across the castle in the final shot of the third season finale but I guess that she got hammered during the party, looking at you Pinkie Pie. Well aside from that one conflict with her flying impotency that Twilight has to deal with, she admits to her friends that she feels awkward being addressed by them as "Princess Twilight" instead of "Twilight" or "Twi" or .... "Ms T" Okay, I made that last one up but wouldn't that be awesome?
Well, anyway, flying to the flying and insert comedic music routine here as Twilight crashes down and possibly breaking a few bones that not even she would know that exists and then we cut to the theme music. Not many changes here aside the fact that Twilight with her wings is having that group shot with more additional characters from the show and... PRINCESS_LUNA_IS_READING_RIGHT_BESIDES_CELESTIA!!? I'm not even joking, besides the fact that Luna doesn't seem to have a throne or anything, its only NOW that she gets more screen time and in a intro sequence none the less. Yay for progress. I guess. Moving on.

We then cut to the mane six in Canterlot where they gush over Twilight's rather pompous picture on one of the stained glasses much to Twi's discomfort of the rather royal treatment she gets from her friends before they decide to leave by train back to Ponyville to prepare for the upcoming Summers Sun Celebration, which kinda makes Twilight get a bit more emo considering that this was the day where she met her friends but now she has to stay behind to attend her royal duties despite the fact that the ponies assures her that nothing hasn't really changed between them.
Things doesn't get better for Twilight as she watches her friends waving her off in their train and she sadly admits to Spike that she is clearly missing something. Oh, you mean besides the fact that you are now royalty and has royal duty therefore cant spend time with your best friends as much you used to do? Nah, I do think that you are missing "something"

Back in Twilight's room in Canterlot, Spike has crossed out another toilet roll of a check list and states to Twilight that they are way ahead of schedule so maybe Twilight can go and celebrate with her friends after all thanks to him being a "extremely_competent_assistant." But Twilight is still in her worried state which upgrades into her coco for coco pops persona as she worries that basically Murphy's Law and Catch 22 will have a field day together until Princess Celestia walks in to whip her back into senses. Then, in a rather sad and actually kinda deeply emotional moment, Celestia admits that while the people celebrates this holiday, this is only a really hurtful reminder that she was reluctantly forced to ban her sister Luna who had transform into Nightmare Moon all those years ago and to be perfectly honest... I actually like this scene. Yeah, seeing Celestia being so regretful and hurt as she watches her sister bringing up the moon and the night through the window, who despite her regal posture only saw pain and regret in this holiday which was supposed to a day of celebration and only now she can finally see the joy as well. This is rather very nicely done here, kudos and my respects right there.
So with that, Twilight with a newfound confidence decides to do a new check up with the preparations as Celestia leaves her and suddenly a black tentacle like thorny weed breaks through the floor and grabs Celestia from behind, no not like THAT! ...Jeez...

Next morning, Twilight wakes up Spike to show him that it is now both night AND day with the sun and the moon being in the sky at the same time which rightfully causes all the ponies to act a bit worried. Desperate, the ponies flock around Twilight who tries her best to explain stuff, but things are made worse as a couple of royal guards drag her in and tells her that both Princess Luna and Princess Celestia has vanished. While Twilight decides to grow some, she orders the guards to keep searching when a another guard bursts in to tell Twilight more bad news to add salt to the wound: Everfree Forest seems to be invading Ponyville.

We cut to each of the remaining mane five and how they react and tries to deal with this huge thorny weed problem that seems to cause a lot of problems, as it not only seems to have a mind of its own since it manages to avoid and annoy some of the ponies that tries to remove it or even fight it and even cloud with thorns starts to show up as Rainbow Dash tries to fight them off and fails. It even has some mysteriously magic thingie-ma-bub that causes unicorns magic to go all fritz.

Twilight flies over to Ponyville with Spike and crashes into her library where all her friends are trying to look into what is causing the weed havoc. But as Rarity asks Twilight if Celestia sent her to investigate the problem, Spike spits out the fact that both princesses are missing and this happens But time's no wasting as Twilight brings out the Elements of Harmony and suits_up. As soon  they are ready to spread out their magic of kicking your fucking ass, Twilight assumes that this chaotic enviroment is caused by a certain special someone so they uses the elements to summon Discord who is having a bath. Never fails, a demi god of chaos takes a bath and someone summons you.
Twilight being the ever so wise and kind hearted friend that she is, immediately accuses Discord for kidnapping Celestia and Luna since all this chaos does seem to have his name written all over the place but Discord claims that he didn't do_it but he does love what has happened with the place and Fluttershy defends him considering that she was the one who had faith in him and reformed him... Somewhat anyways. Discord refuses to help the ponies because they were a bit of bitchy towards him, but he does suggest that Zecora the zebra could them out and as it would have it, she arrives after running from the weeds which was a lot worse inside the forest. As a massive role of plot convenience, Zecora gives Twilight a potion that only can be used by the magic of a alicorn ie Twilight and why the would Zecora would have a potion that can only be used by alicorn magic since its dangerous otherwise is anyone's guess. Twilight activates the potion with her alicorn magic which appears out to be the same kind of dark magic that the main villain Sombra from the third season opening was using and that Celestia has been shown to be using it (not weird at all, it happens) and drinks it, having a bit of a trip... Literally 
It turns out that the potion is some kind of time potion as Twilight is allowed to view some events that took place a thousand years ago and witnesses princess Luna who is bitter that no one really enjoys her night while they all bask in her sister's sun, bringing up the moon and transforming herself into Nightmare Moon... Wow.

We start off part two as Twilight pleads to Luna to stop her wrath otherwise she is forced to ban her to the moon again, even though it is very clear that she is just witnessing the past... Yeah, she's kinda stupid like that but best not hurt her feelings. But all joking asides, this whole scene where Nightmare Moon is fighting against Celestia and we actually getting to experience the cataclysm that forced Celestia to banish her own sister to the moon using the elements of harmony, is pretty damn awesome and quite emotional when you think about it. And before anyone else points out that it doesn't really explain the reason why Luna became corrupted, I gotta remind you that sometimes jealousy is all what it takes for anyone to fall to the dark side.
Well anyways, Twilight snaps out of it and while she didn't learn much of why this is happening now, she decides to take another sip of the potion and goes further back into the past.  And this time, we actually get to see how the princesses defeats Discord by turning him into stone using the elements but I keep wondering that happened to the princesses to have what seems to be bruises on their faces. Must have been something brutal, but never explain. Kids show and all that.
All of a sudden we cut to a cave, not even bothering showing any fighting scenes against Sombra. Man, fans must have really hated that guy and the producers of this show must have realized it. Anyway, here we see something called The Tree of Harmony and here is something I need to address. While I could defend and/or explain the reason why this tree was never mentioned before in the show like say the princesses needed to keep the tree in secret from any dangers, I am only reminded the fact that the show never explained the reason why there was no mention of the crystal empire, Twilight's big brother dating her best friend/babysitter and what else I forget. I even bet a lunch on McDonald's that if there was a similiar show with same themes and such but more focused on boys, the mythos and such would be better explained prior in earlier seasons. Kinda makes you think, does it? 
Anyway, Twilight wakes up and tells them that the tree is locating in the old castle which was featured in the first season opening which was located in Everfree Forest. So the ponies travels into the forest, reminiscing that this was how they all first met in their quest of finding the elements of harmony. All of a sudden as the ponies travel over a pond, they are attacked by... a "cragadile". For gods sake, this is why I love this show, they can come up with so much awesome creatures. Diamond dogs, wolves made of tree branches, and now a giant alligator made of stone... FUCKING AWESOME!!
But as the monster is tied up by the ponies, Twilight berates herself for not being able to fly away (Are we still on about that one?) which kind of makes the other ponies to decide that maybe its the best for twilight to back to Ponyville. Okay I know that Applejack and the other ponies does have a fair point that in case of a worse case scenario that if they even managed to save the tree but it wont bring back the princesses, Equestria does need Twilight to rule in their absence and its better to keep her safe but considering that she has been covering your asses by saving the world on so many occasions... Oh fuck it, I feel like a broken record here.

Saddened, Twilight returns back to Ponyville where Discord has basically this to say to her, after learning how easy Twilight followed their idea to keep her safe and shoos her away back to her friends into the forest.
We cut to the other ponies who had found that massive thorny roots has started to squeeze the tree to death and fails miserably to deal with it making them realize that maybe, just maybe it was a bad idea to send Twilight back to Ponyville since she was the one to figure out what_to_do... 
Meanwhile, Twilight fell to some of the evil plants that sprays gas on her, making her pass out but with the help of Spike the ponies saves her and have a bit of heartfelt apologies and a tender group_hug. 
So back to the cave with the tree, Twilight realizes that since the elements originated from the trees, maybe its time to give the elements back to the tree in order to fend off the evil roots. While the ponies object to that idea considering that the elements is the only way to protect the world from any potential dangers, Twilight points out that there will always be a way since their friendship is the true elements of harmony... Or something like that, I dunno its cheesy as all hell and Im getting tired as all are  you already I'm sure so let's just wrap this. Twilight uses her magic to put the elements back into the tree, especially the one that looks like her cutie mark and vanquishes the evil roots away, revealing that two huge cocoons had contained the princesses inside.
But then something weird happens, the tree lets out a mysterious looking box with six key holes to which even Celestia admits that she doesn't know but suggests that maybe it has something to do with her friends.  
Back in Ponyville, Discord is intrigued that the elements are now gone but gets the stare by Fluttershy to behave and help them to clean up the mess the roots has caused, and "accidentally" reveals that he was the one who planted the seeds to the roots that should have caught the princesses during their battle but it had a dud or something. The reason why he never told them was simply because he wanted to teach Twilight a valuable lesson about being a princess and the trials of friendship. Erm yeah, audience?   Thank you.

So the episode ends with the celebration in the fullest, Celestia claims this day no longer the day where Princess Luna has been defeated as Nightmare Moon but the day when she was rescued and returned (though I think that Luna realizes that ponies are quite the party goers at night these days) and Twilight manages to perfect her flying and does her finish with her cutie mark as firework.
So that was the fourth season premiere episodes and let me tell you, I am relieved.

I'll admit that the third season of this show had a lot of flaws and considering how lack lusting the finale was, I was concerned that the fourth one was gonna just the same or even worse, but after watching this one and the trailer for upcoming episodes, I am very intrigued. While I do have concerns that this season may not be so good, but atleast the opening episode was a vast improvement. The ponies doesn't seem to be out of their characters, and the story once again applied a lot of conflict upon their friendship, especially Twilight who now has royal duties and how the other ponies tries to treat her as such including a lot of call backs to previous episodes, and the scenes where we get to see past event that took place before the show was great and nicely done.

So all I can say is, I will watching this season with opened arms once again. Enjoy your weekend and be well ^^
Grew tired of that old journal, so .......... Yeah

Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor I of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs rpsoet it.

OLNY PUT THIS ON YOUR PRILOFE IF YOU CAN RAED TIHS. CNAHGE THE NMUERBR AT TOP TGOHUH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE ON DA CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" Go up a nmuber if you can raed it...lte's see how hgih we can get! Gdoo lcku!
I figured that since its three months since I did any updates in this journal section of DA, even though no one really reads them these days it would seem unless you are a high profile artist whining about some sad current state of their somewhat successful life as a artist.
At any rate, I was in a mood to write a review right now but first I want to make a statement: I fucking love The Walking Dead. But I got to be honest when I say that I didn't really care much of the graphic novel created by renowned writer Robert Kirkman when it first came back in 2002. It wasn't because I didn't like it, far from it but it was just that while I did liked the comic even though it was a bit too dark and gloomy but still awesome I was put of when Kirkman stated that he had no plans to really end the comic unless he couldn't come up with more misery and pain for the protagonists that came and went in various matters more brutal than the other. And consider that as far I can tell that the comic is still going strong to this day, chances are that Kirkman doesn't really want to end the comic at any time soon. I can also say that I am now a proud owner of 8 albums of the Swedish translated version of the graphic novel and I can't wait to get the new one when it comes out, but I digress.
So naturally after years of a somewhat successful run, the circle of entertainment life that would call for a adaptation of the comic not only a TV-show but two video game adaptations. How did I like the TV-Show, you may ask? Erm, well...
Not that I didn't like the show, but as I was watching the first season I had the same feeling of needless padding that I got from the show Lost which had a moment that made me rage quit and stopped watching the show all together but only in this case it was different. The show had so much padding with people just standing and talking like they were in a bad soap opera that it was getting bored and I basically stopped watching due to boredom but again I digress.
I won't go into much details about the first person shooter called The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts which was supposed to be tied into the TV show rather than the graphic novel, many fans and people who were  unfortunate to buy it had only this to say for about a month.
But luckily like some Hollywood movies that has the same themes and ideas but executed differently for better or worse like Deep Impact and Armageddon, there was a second game that was much more superior and was more faithful to the original comic in so many ways that people and fans and reviewers both amateur and professionals all around the world only had only this to say.

It was an simple little episodic graphic adventure game called The Walking Dead: The Game.

I could just go on and on about how much I really love this game, or rather interactive graphic adventure game and I still stand by it. Sure the gameplay itself was very limited and somewhat linear but it made up for the excellent script with awesome characters, interactive choice in dialog that affected the entire game and one of the most saddest endings of all time in gaming history. Seriously, this game was just awesome and actually the only episodic video game that I ever bought.
Yeah, remember that one gimmick? Okay, while one can debate that it originally started back in the late 70s and have been used at a regular basis but the term may have been named and brought back when Half-Life 2 came out with their episode games but I gotta say, that as far I can tell Telltale Games is the only gaming developer company that has only made those kind of games and is still going strong especially now they made the best game they ever made.
And it would be fitting that since this was the first episodic adventure game I got I would also get my very first Down Loadable Content, I am dead serious. Friends of mine can tell how much I dislike the idea of the story-driven DLCs where you have to get otherwise you may fail a certain part of the main story of the game (I'm looking at you, Mass Effect and Asura's Wrath) and what does it really matter when they will release a new edition of the game with the DLCs intact later but that's a whole other rant. But now that a Season Two is just around the corner, Telltale Games figured that a DLC in form of a Special Episode called 400 Days would fill the gap for really eager fans. So I naturally got the DLC as soon it got out, played it and completed it and have this to say.

...It was okay.

Okay, I do have more things to say. As the title suggest, the story takes place during the first 400 days since the attack of the undead known as Walkers which is a major gripe in lot of zombie apocalypse scenarios about the trope where people doesn't seem to know what a zombie is, or they won't acknowledge it for some dumb reason or another. At any rate, this episode focuses on five different characters told in a Pulp Fiction narrative style in which there are some connections between one and another and depending on the choices you made with each characters there will be a full closure and most likely will return in Season Two hopefully.
As you can imagine, the script was nicely written and the characters were very likable but however there was just one problem. Each character had only 20 minutes of gameplay each more or less. I can understand that Telltale Games wanted to fill the gap by telling a new story from different perspective but here's my question:
Why come this wasn't Season Two?
As I said before, each character only had so little time for the player to know, if Telltale Games had made a five part series focusing on each character or doing the whole Pulp Fiction narrative all the way, I could atleast care more about the characters, the dilemmas they had gone through and the choices I made for them. But if this is some sort of prologue to the second season with the five characters in bound then I'm willing to forgive and enjoy the DLC more.
The gameplay itself is pretty much the same, linear and limited but more focused on choices in dialog and action. Each character will have one or two major choices that will affect the entire game, or atleast the very ending of the episode in which the results of your decisions will take place. I do say that the choices and consequences are pretty strong as in the original game, but again while I did like the characters there was so little time to actually getting to know them which is pretty sad really.
But in overall, this was a good solid DLC and I don't regret getting it for the first time. Just don't expect me to do it again.

Verdict: a strong :star: :star: :star: out of five, a good solid DLC that should have made as a Season Two instead.
Ninjahunden 2 by chili19

Alrighty, here it is the new Ninjadog 2 where a new character is introduced called Ninjacat. Any Swedish people out there, be sure to get a copy on Stockholms International Comic Con April 26-28 :D
So I don't really have anything to update here, I'd just wanted to write something new even though there isn't much to tell really.
The volunteer work I am doing right now at the thrift store is doing fine so far and I hope that it will help me to get a real job at a gaming store like Gamestop or something like that, even though I think that it might require more than that but here's hoping.
The comic projects I was doing for the upcoming comic convention later this month is now done last month and is being processed to be printed and I really hope that they will come out in time since I had a lot issues with the ink pens running out and the scanner decided to be a bitch and didnt want to scan up all ink lines for some odd reasons.
And while I do have ideas and are working slowly on other comics and Lord Cthulhu knows that chili19 is trying her hardest to make me focus, it is hard to make the brain not go haywire with ideas and make me lose concentration. I would happily use any medications of any kind if it would help.
At any rate, this is what I wanted to say and now I must go to work. Have a good one, guys.
This is truly beautiful a work of arts in modern animation, that my faith in it raised by a couple of points…
Well basically it was like this:…
Well folk, this is it. The big one. The wait is finally over, and suddenly fall and winter doesn't look so dull and depressing anymore nowadays.


I effing mean it when I say that alongside the new seasons of Doctor Who and possibly Young Justice, this is one TV show I have been waiting for. I don't really need to go on and on about how much I freaking love this latest generation show based on a toy line focused on girls all over again. Hell, just check out my written reviews on The Mare in The Moon and The Return of Harmony just to get the basic idea of why I love the show so much but needless all you need to know is this.
Though to be fair, I do admit that the fan reaction around this show has been overwhelming and that the term brony has indeed become a new topic for bullies to abuse at a regular basis, because... Hey, the show is all about girly talking horses for little girls and adult men who does like that kind of show muct be mocked, right?
Look, I really don't care about what people think of what I say that I'm now being close to be 31 years old by February next year and I still like to be associated with video games, comic books and even cartoon shows for younger children because I like to think that I want to cherish the fact that there are a decent show with a very nice feel good tone to it and considering the crap that keeps raping out TV prime time in the years lately, that's saying alot.
Also, I'd like to think another reason as of why so many adults like this show so much is that like me, most are born in the 70s and 80s and we grew up in a time only decades just before the Internet was born and that was a time most of us cherish. We were there when the Nintendo 8-Bit consoles replaced the Commodore 64 but we still kept faithful to that delightful machine to its very end. Hell, we were there when a lot of things happened in fact. The CD player, TMNT, The Death of Gwen Stacy, The Death of Superman, Animaniacs, Don Bluth movies, the badass Batman The Animated Series and so on.
It was just a special time to see the birth of many franchises and actually share them with family on our big bulky TV connected to a VCR tape player, and as we grow older some miss that time when all we get is darker and edgier takes on the entertainment industry. So seeing a franchise that was mostly known for making girls happy being brought back to TV again after a very AWEFULLY HORRIFIC flash animated show that I dare not to bring it without getting diabetic, this time done by a team of highly famous and renowned veterans of TV animation that pretty much did gave us kickass shows we grew up with, it is in fact something refreshing when we do have a show that both adults and kids can enjoy.

...But if any of you youngsters don't understand any of it and keep getting verbally grossed out at us because it's not normal even though you do like to sneak a peek at the Rule34 pics of Rainbow Dash, stick that greased hair back in your asses and keep enjoying your deluded fantasies about sparkling vampires. Pricks.

So with that unnecessary introduction out of the way, let's take a look a look at THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE. And if you didn't catch my warning at the title, your funeral babe.

We start off in Canterlot, where Princess Molestia--- Erm, I mean Celestia is busy writing the sequel to the fanfiction Cupcakes when suddenly one of the guards brings in the news that "It has returned" in the northern parts if Equestria. No, not that one, you'll see what they meant.
Anyway, after the theme song, we cut back to Ponyville where we apparently are re-watching the episode of Lesson Zero where Twilight Sparkle (must resist sparkling vampires jokes...:crazy:) goes coco for coco pops while the other ponies are watching because her mentor Princess Celestia has required her presence for a upcoming test. While I wonder why they don't just calm her down, it is clearly shown when the baby dragon Spike tries to calm his owner by telling that it's not a big deal and Twilight doesn't react in the nicest ways possible, it's no wonder why the other ponies are keeping their mouths shut.

So back to the castle in Canterlot, we see Celestia talking to HOLY SHIT is that PRINCESS LUNA??? Holy bum nuggets, we actually get to see a actual dialog scene with both Luna AND Celestia! But that is cut short as Twilight stumbles in, all nervous like hell for the test. One kinda wonders what is actually going on between the student and the mentor to make Twilight to edgy.
Celestia briefs to Twilight that she gets another test to task, as she explains about The Crystal Empire. Apparently over one thousand years ago a empire populated by a race by crystal ponies which promptly makes my realize the funny trivia of the crystal ponies series in the toy lines, was taken over and enslaved a tyrannical unicorn named King Sombra. But when Celestia and Luna banished him into frozen carbonite or something like, he had placed a curse over the place which caused it to vanish up until now.
There is also this magic thingie-mong-piddly-diddly thing called The Crystal Heart that if filled with hope and love, it will reflect all over Equestria making the world a happier place than it already is. But if it's filled with hatred and darkness, Sombra can use the Crystal to, you guess it, take over the world.

:iconmbisonplz: OF COURSE!

I would question about why the evil king didn't really use it from the beginning, but I am just amazed that Celestia is using evil powers to demonstrate the results of Twilight's failure, so thanks for the vote confidence and for giving any fanfic writes the ideas of having a more evil side to the ever so celestial princess (see what I did there?).
So while Twilight is hesitant to be able to protect a entire empire... Erm, not a expert here but isn't a empire pretty much the same thing as a kingdom and didn't Twilight save both her mentor's kingdom AND Equestria from at least FOUR different threats throughout the series?... Anyway, Twilight accepts her mission and walks out to meet up with Spike where she suddenly... Has a musical scene where she sings about being prepared?
Erm... Yeah, came out of nowhere and while Spike is confused by this along with me, he decides to be the backup singer. So after that... seemingly pointless excuse to have a musical number, Twilight meets up with her friends and takes them with her travel to train to the Northern Equestria. Once there, the ponies actually meets up with Twilight's brother Shining Armor which is pretty cool to see him again. But the reunion is cut short, when the ponies are suddenly chased by... Dark Heart from Care Bears Movie 2? Or is it the black smoke from Lost?
No, actually it's King Sombra who apparently has been turned into a shadow cloud when he was banished. Get it, Sombra is Spanish for "shadow" and he is now a cloud of shadows? Subtle.

After the chase scene, the ponies make it inside the protective spell shield and The Crystal Empire but Shining Armor gets his horn crystallized (Not gonna go that path) and walk to the castle at the center of the empire. Twilight meets up with Princess Candace where they have their cute little reunion dance (followed by about 350 rule34 pics from that one alone), where she and Shining Armor explains that Candace is using her magic in a attempt to protect the empire from Sombra but it causes her to look more strained than Michael Jackson's bad facial day.
So its up to Twilight who for some reason thinks that its all a part of her test that her mentor had assigned her on and the other ponies to gather information from the inhabitants in the empire in order to find a way to fend off the big mean cloud, but unfortunately all the ponies has become quite... emo... Well, actually it's a part of Sombra's curse to make all the ponies forget and become such gloomy downers.

So yeah, things doesn't go so well as Fluttershy tries to man up but fails at that, and Pinkie Pie is being... Erm... Metal Gear Pony, and Rarity is of course being the Element of Generosity gloating about how amazing she should look like if she was a crystal pony. Rainbow Dash however is behaving like a bully, I know she is headstrong but that doesn't excuse her rash attitude. But luckily Applejack got the suggestion to Twilight's ever so delight to look into the local library... Quite a time wasting, but okay so the pony searches and finds a book regarding the history of Crystal Empire and something called The Crystal Fare which is basically the get together of being all love dovey and happy as skippy every year.

After briefing the info to Shining Armor and Candace, Twilight has a briefing with the other ponies where they... SING ANOTHER SONG?! Not to be rude or a douche pony or anything, but isn't there a giant evil cloud of shadows ready to burst into the empire in any minute, right?! And look at  Cadance, she is exhausting every ounce of her magic for days with no food or rest, do you REALLY think that it is needed to have a easy listening musical number about listening up on what the crystal ponies did like to do or eat before the invasion instead of having a quick and fast dialog about it and getting down to business much faster that way, Twilight?!?

Anyway, during the musical number the ponies has prepared the fare very nicely done with all things considering like the impending cloud of doom just outside complete with a replica of the crystal heart since Twilight just figures that its a simple part of the tradition. The ponies manages to get things running and  invite all the crystal ponies which starts to turn back to normal when they relive the joys they once had.
But it also turns out that the ponies also remember that the Crystal Heart is actually a much important item in order for the ceremony since the crystal ponies are empowering the Crystal Heart to spread hope and love and protect the empire from harm, and that King Sombra hid the crystal where nopony would ever find it.

:icondarkhelmetplz: Everypony got that? Good.

Realizes their fuck up, the main ponies tries to cover up the fake one much to Twilight's dismay who didn't realize that a page revealing the true purpose of the crystal was torn without her even noticing, resulting in a "To Be Continued" when Candace faints due to magic depletion and King Sombra can start his attack. Yes, I sure hope that the musical number was worth the time and effort of your childhood friend turned sister-in-law, Twilight. I think that you still have some issue about the whole marriage thing there, kid.

But fuck that noice, Shining Armor manages to bring her back to life to raise up the shield once again as we start the next part of the new season. Twilight who is more focused on completing her test, tasks Rainbow Dash and the other ponies to keep the crystal ponies at a high spirits in order for the ceremony to work while she tries to figure out where the real Crystal Heart could be. So while Spike and Twilight rushes to the castle since she figured that King Sombra would hide right under the nuzzles of the crystal ponies, the other ponies tries as hard they can to keep things under wraps. Like Rainbow Dash who arranges a jousting tournament.
Oh this ought to be fun, so who is the opponent? Could it Applejack or Pinkie or... Fluttershy, the hell? Erm, hey, maybe its just for fun, I mean its not like that Dash would do any harm to her girlf... POW!!
WHAT THE FLYING FUCKED-A-PONY???! Rainbow Dash just smacked the hooves of her girlfriend! And she doesn't even flinch when Fluttershy whimpers near to tears of not wanting a part of it, what is wrong with everypony to bash on poor Fluttershy?! Talk about domestic abuse in their relationship... Or maybe they broke up? That would explain the rash behavior of Dash towards other ponies.
...Or maybe I'm just reading into this way too deep? ^^;

Anyway, back to Twilight who manages to figure out where King Sombra hid the crystal. Using the same evil magic Celestia used, Twilight uncovers a hidden passage into the floor leading to a long spiral staircase. Once Twilight takes her sweet time to finally get down to the bottom, she opens a creepy door, walks inside and suddenly finds herself back to Canterlot. She is confronted by Princess Celestia who promptly tells her that she basically fails and boots her out, again thanks for giving millions of fanfics writers more ideas of what to write, but it obviously turns out that the door was a illusion trap when Spike manages to wake her up, giving the trepasser their worse fears ever imaginative.
So... Twilight is afraid of getting the hooves out by her mentor. Huh, go figure. But I digress.

Twilight manages to use light magic to open the real doorway, only to find... more... staircases... :iconfacepalmplz: But luckily Spike is quick to question if this new set of staircase is also one of King Sombra, which give Twilight a idea, and I have to admit that the way she uses a gravity spell to use the flat side underneath the stairs as a slide upwards is pretty damn clever. They finally reaches the Crystal Heart but Twilight is caught in a crystal trap unable to escape despite her trying to teleport from there.
And things gets worse as Candace's magic shield weakens and King Sombra manages to reach in and initiates the attack. Despite the fact that she may fail her test (seriously, who even cares about that when the fate of a entire EMPIRE is at stake??), Twilight asks Spike to grab the Crystal Heart that managed to land right next to him. He manages to run, but falls down much to Rarity's despair. But Candace manages to catch Spike and the Crystal and gets the crystal ponies to start being... well more crystal ponies and start the Heart. And I just gotta love that they uses the same sound that the Ghostbuster's proton pack uses when it is turned on.
So the Crystal Heart goes all fusion, and turns everypony and thing into crystal and vanquishes King Sombra DragonBall Z style, funtime is had by all and they all lived happily ever after.

OR DO THEY??? :noes:

Our main hero ponies return home, Twilight is bummed out that she has failed the test since she was the one that was supposed to return the crystal and not Spike, because saving the world again is not enough apparently. But luckily Princess Celestia makes it clear that she did not fail the test after all; her decision to value the lives of the Crystal ponies over her own success was a sign she was willing to sacrifice herself for a greater good. So yeah, Twilight is happy that she completed the test right despite she save the world again and they all go home via yet ANOTHER song. But then a book with a dark cover which shows two stars and a swirly pattern pops out of nowhere next to Celestia and Luna, making me wonder what the next level of studies Twilight will embark.  

So that was The Crystal Empire... And I am a bit underwhelmed. While the idea of the story is solid and the animation is actually about 20% cooler and all that, these premiere episodes of the third season is pretty weak. The musical scenes was too much padding and wasn't not really good, and ithe whole situation doesn't really have the real same personal impact on the ponies as it did onthe previous season premieres.
And sadly the main villain King Sombra has now taken place first place as the most weakest and blandest villains in the entire series. Hell, even  Ahuizotl from "Read it and Weep" episode was a much more better villain in his very brief appearance.
That and the other ponies didn't really do much either except providing some minor effort to the cause, and Rainbow Dash was unusually cruel towards Fluttershy and other ponies with her bully attitude. And while this episode was about Twilight and her test, it would be better if she came to grips that there are in fact alot more important things than tests and studies on her own early on.

But anyway, despite the weak start on the third season, I do hope that the future episodes will give us much joy as it always does.

Thanks for reading, everypony, signing off.
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I think I'll let this video show you my reaction:…
Alright, even though it has been two weeks, I think that I might as well tell you what happened.

Alright, on a monday two weeks ago from now my girlfriend of four years chili19 tells me on skype that we should break up our relationship and remain as friends. She felt that while what we had was special, it was more like a very close best friend rather than as lover and she had felt it for quite some time but couldnt really find the courage to tell me that.
So yeah, while it does sound a bit rude to tell me on Skype and all that but knowing me, she knew that I would get upset and would say things that I would regret later. So after a week, we had a more personal talk to one another and while it may felt a bit awkward we had a nice good talk and we still remain as friends.

But while it is nice that we didnt end our relationship badly as so many others do, it still kind of sucks to be single again. Chili was just one of those really rare girls you just don't find, and its gonna be like forever to find another which really sucks even more. But oh well, at least I took the wise words from Butters from South Park who said that if he was so sad to be dumped by a girl he really loved, then it must mean that the time they had together was really good, so one should be happy for the good times they had.
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