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The Joker's Reaction by ViktorMatiesen
The Joker's Reaction
Much like with the Harley Quinn picture I made about... Three years ago? Holy crap. Any, the fanart I made with Harley Quinn here , has made quite the reaction with faves, comments arguing or agreeing with my statements about how I feel about the poor girl's status in her comics these days but this one will create a huge flame war with arguments and such that it will be a controversial picture. But this is something I need to say, and if this will make me a new Tom Preston then so be it.

Allow me to share a revelation I've recently had. For all the praises and admiration for being the best supervillain in DC Comic's history, The Joker has become the lamest and dullest villain in Batman's entire rogue gallery.

I'm sure that you already are writing down comments arguing about what I just said and ignore what I am about to explain the reason WHY I feel like this villain whom I used to like, is nothing special or unique anymore and is compared to other lame psychotic super villains like Victor Zsasz or Professor Pyg who are just there to provoke readers. But first a little history...

Now ignoring the fact that it now has been proven that Bob Kane had almost NOTHING to do with creating the supervillain that would become one of the most iconic super villains despite the fact that he was inspired/ripped off from other heroes like Zorro, The Shadow, Dick Tracy and some other pulp fiction heroes from novels and comics that were before hand. Hell, it has been proven that one of the first comics featuring Batman was a traced copy of a Dick Tracy comic but thats beside the point. My point being was that while Batman was a superhero in all definition but in reality it was more like if Dick Tracy decided to become a masked vigilante and fight mobsters and gangsters.

And looking back at it, it all makes sense. Like Dick Tracy, Batman had a cast of colorful villains and gangsters with unique looks at gimmicks. Hell, Two-Face was a direct ripoff of a Dick Tracy gangster called Haf-and-Haf whose half of his body was burnt and melted in a pool of acid and chemicals, making his wear a costume that had different looks and color on each side. While the whole ripoff thing was pretty standard in those days, its more amazing that how people forget these sort of stunts they pulled.

Which brings me to the Joker, while his design and character was more unique that he was inspired by the joker playing card and the 1928 horror drama silent movie "The Man Who Laughed", The Joker during the Golden Age of superhero comics was a serial killer using Joker Venom to make die with laughter. Sounds just like what he is these days, but during the Silver Age of comics when gore and violence depicted in comics were banned, comics writers and artists decided to make him more of a gangster or a mobster whose gimmick were creating elaborate and goofy but mostly comical methods to commit robbery and such. That in many ways, became the inspirational source for the goofy 1960s TV show "Batman".

Ceasar Romero's comical depiction of the super villain was the first version of the Joker I encountered as a kid and while he was a dangerous criminal, he was just a clown who had a lot of fun doing what he did. Always giddy and laughing excitedly as he committed robbery in elaborate and goofy ways using laughing gas to knock out guards and civilians because as a comedian and a clown, The Joker wanted to perform and make people laugh. Whenever I saw this joker, I always smiled because he was so much fun to watch at the time.

While I did read some Batman comics and saw the Scooby Doo crossover episodes with Batman where The Joker would have a lot of fun just scaring the pants of Shaggy and Scooby, it wasn't until the 90s where I would become exposed to the one animated show that pretty much changed Saturday morning cartoons forever for better or worse: Batman The Animated Series.

It would take a much longer time to find a person who didn't like this marvelously and awesomely made animated show, combing the dark and gothic looks and feels of the batman comics and the goofy and campy attitude of the silver age comics and the 1960s live action show. It was also the show that pretty much changed the origins for most members of Batman's rogue gallery, like how Mr Freeze became a Shakespearian tragic character who longed to be warm and able to feel again but only coldly sought for revenge (pun intented) or Two Face who is actually Bruce Wayne's best friend but loathes Batman. That was what made the animated show so unique, they made the villains more human than monsters and villains. One of my all time favorite episode involves The Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc and Two Face just hanging around like friends, bickering and bantering and just had a good time while playing poker and discusses their own stories of how they almost killed Batman and had the most funniest moment involving Killer Croc and a big rock.

And Joker himself, while he was a lethal criminal who left devastation and destruction behind and quite possibly several wounded or dead, he was never into genocide. Yeah, I KNOW that he killed a guy in "The Mask of The Phantasm" but the dude was old and was annoying The Joker and he just wanted a bait and decided to get rid of him. He was a clown, and a comedian and what better way for a comedian to have a crowd and attention. That is why he created elaborate and creative ways to commit crimes, robberies and ways to defeat Batman. In a Christmas episode, The Joker was thrilled as he would hold a TV studio hostage and just had lot of fun hosting his own TV show while trolling on Batman and Robin.

But sadly, this may have been the downfall for the Joker as well.

Maybe it was because of the comics, but the Joker started to develop into his Golden Age version, a psychotic villain who wanted to destroy and kill, abused Harley Quinn more and more, and needless to say good times became dark times all around. Watch the movie "The Return of the Joker" and you see what I mean by that. 

And it pretty went down hill from there, the movies, the comics, the games and especially The New 52 reboot made The Joker into a... well basically a Slasher Movie killer. While that may be approved to most fans, I am not no longer a fan of this. What is the point, really? The Joker was fun and chaotic but he was never into genocide and such. He just wanted to pull dangerously pranks on people and laugh at them. But instead, he became more and more lame and dull just as all other members in Batman's rogue gallery, a gang of serial killers and psychos instead of being criminal gangsters and actually HUMAN villains.

In fact and I am putting SPOILER ALERT here, at the end of Batman Arkham City when The Joker dies to the Venom toxin he overdosed of in Batman Arkham Asylum, I was happy. Yeah, I was happy that he finally was dead. I didn't care what people said, I was thrilled and happy that the most insane psycho finally kicked the bucket and passed on. Hell, I was even happy to see The Joker die in The Return of the Joker... TWICE in fact. And while I haven't played Batman Arkham Knight, I am excited to see to see a Gotham free from The Joker and deal with... the other insane genocidal maniacs that roams free in the city... cripes...

And that is what they should have done a LONG time ago, kill of the Joker. Yeah, I went there, kill The Joker so that we can be free from his clutches. But no, everytime someone plans for it there is ALWAYS gonna be cries from fans that the Joker should be around and kept because he is the demigod of chaos and evil, a perfect balance against Batman who quite frankly is pulling of that one himself considering how paranoid and anti social he has become in later years in comics and TV shows. Seriously, Batman The Brave and The Bold brought back a lot of his humanity, I don't care how many people hated it, I fucking loved that show because I was HAPPY to see Batman being badass and not just gloomy and emo and what now.

Which brings me to another revelation that pretty much made me loose faith in humanity greatly: Fans don't want to kill the Joker... because we secretly love evil people.
We as humans keep claiming how much we hate Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, bin Ladin, al-Zawahiri, Putin and other dictators through history, or serial killers like Jack the Ripper, The Zodiac Killer, Charlie Mansion and so on, but in reality we can't help to be pulled in and fascinated by their evil personalities. Hell, we all remember and know Lee Harvey Oswald but we don't know the ones who actually find him and caught him. We have forgotten the good guys who have fought these tyrants and avatars of evil, because we simply don't care. We only care of the evil capabilities of these people. We thrive in them, addicted like a drug. Evil makes money, we keep making several versions of movies depicting Ted Bundy or Ed Gein, creating popular horror movie franchise because lord knows that good guys can never make much money.

Or maybe the comic writers are just lazy and doesn't want to kill Joker because the character has a history and who has the strength to come up with a new and quite possibly BETTER villain, I dunno... Either way, this is why I have stopped reading DC comics these days.
Kingsman Reaction Shots (Contains Spoilers) by ViktorMatiesen
Kingsman Reaction Shots (Contains Spoilers)
Its been a while since we have done of these reaction shots comics, huh? Anyway, lets how me and chili19 felt about the spy action comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service.

1: Every movie should start with the awesome tracks by Dire Straits while explosions makes the credits bounce towards the screen.

2: We start of after the prologue with a cool cameo.

3: And another cameo from a film series we like... Well the first one anyway, the sequels are just meh at most.

4: And just as he appeared, Norrington is killed off right away.

5: At first sight, aside from being played by Samuel L Jackson, we can tell that we are gonna love this villain he CLEARLY had a lot of good time with.

6: During the briefing, we learn of the Gaia Theory. We looked it up, and its actually a real thing...

7: We are introduced to a actor who is mostly for playing villains and bad guys, especially one we actually enjoyed.

8: The secret agency's boss played by Michael Caine is being a prick but our hero counters with biting words.

9: We are introduced to Eggsy, the main protagonist who has a rather less than.... friendly relationship with his stepdad who is... well he's just a asshole.

10: After a funny car chase scene

11: Galahad has a conversation with Eggsy but his step father's goons starts to walk in and needless to say there are moments when to speak, when to shut up.... and when to prey.

12: Galahad deals with the goons like the true gentleman he is and sits down to casually finish off his pint.

13: We see that the secret HQ is pretty... HUGE

14: Eggsy meets up with the other recruits and well they are of Oxford origins and you know what that means.

15: The villain has a discussion with the president and we can't help to agree with his statements...

16: After a rather tensed scene involving water, the recruits sees what happens if they don't look out for each other.... And Eggsy makes a sarcastic remark...

17: ...No, I can't talk about this scene, its just too sad TT.TT

18: The recruits are taking partners of the four lagged kind.

19: ...I have NO idea why American are so fascinated with Sweden and our culture and such that they even hired a Swedish actress to act as a princess from the Swedish Royal Family. Someone tell me.

20: The henchwoman with swords for legs demonstrates her capabilities.

21: Its the simplest trick in the book, lure being with the promise that you can watch porn for free.

22: The recruits are having fun sky diving, until they find out that one of them lacks something and I end upp imagining the impact hurting my legs.

23: Galahad has a dinner meeting with Valentine the villain and they have a ... rather unique choice of food.

24: The final third recruit is not having a good time being tied up.

25: Due to the pressure from our heroes, Valentine shows more of how careful he is by imprinting his hand into a biometric protection system into his computer.

26: Galahad and Eggsy has a moment in the gentleman "toy shop".

27: Eggsy is ordered to do a rather horrid thing.

28: Eggsy who finds out that his mother is having a worse time with his step dad and decides to confront him but of course the plot interrupts.

29: We see a sign that has a lot of promises.

30: The church scene... DO I EVEN NEED TO SAY MORE?

31: Again, Valentine is just a great villain.

32: Eggsy has a sad moment and gazes upon someone that Galahad had held up dearly.

33: The more Valentine talks about his plans, the more we feel like that he is right about what he says.

34: Eggsy manages to defeat Arthur the subtle way.

35: Eggsy is back on the job to save the world!

36: We see the Swedish Prime Minister arriving at Valentine's secret lair, but we can't help to snicker at what is written on his plane.

37: Valentine's speech to cheer up his friend is just... wow, hilarious in its context XD

38: This is something that bothered us, doesn't all personal have info on who is gonna be on Valentine's paycheck including PHOTOGRAPHS?

39: Eggsy is caught by the final third recruit but he deals with him nicely.

40: We just enjoy the action scene here. Michael Bay should take some lessons from the director of this movie of how to make one.

41: Blackwood saves the day!

42: ...Needless to say, this is something we wanna play up during New Years Eve from now on.

43: But Valentine has a back up plan.

44: Its just so funny hearing a typical disco music during Armageddon .

45: Eggsy finishes the fight with Sword Legs using something that will often garantee the hero's success: Bullet Time

46: Valentine can't stand to see blood, and well... thanks for that close up, movie.

47: Eggsy returns to the Swedish princess for a moment in privacy.… ooooh my...
Or maybe this one:…; Its hard to decide XD

48: While it is sad that the scene where Eggsy is finally confronting his step dad is during the end credits, we can help to imagine the outcome.

This movie was just awesome. I am glad that I bought this on DVD.
In the Summertime when the Weather is High by ViktorMatiesen
In the Summertime when the Weather is High
Nothing like some old summer hits to put in some good old sommer feeling, ain't that rright? =3
Anyway, we get some come back from one of my older characters I have done from FA past, Victorine the Poodle Girl enjoying a nice walk on the beach ^^…
Poem of the Dance by ViktorMatiesen
Poem of the Dance
I felt like doing a cute pic after feeling a bit down and angsty for reasons, and Jaime was happy to volunteer to provide a motive with her doing what she likes to do best (in private). To dance ^^
Inspired by this song:…
My Inner Manchild
So yeah, this one I have been wanting to paint for quite some time now.
This is my inner man child. The huge ugly and greasy baby that resides in me.
The inner demon that keeps pushing me down for every single thing I wanna do.
 I wanna play Skyrim or any open world RPGs that requires time and effort, It whines about taking too long and such. I wanna run the bike, It thinks that it might rain or its too windy. I wanna read a long book, It gets a headache. I wanna draw and plan the story for a comic I have ideas for, It exhausts itself because drawing comics takes too much work when thinking about ideas and comics is much easier. I wanna learn about something new, It rather wanna watch South Park.
Well you get the basic idea. This manchild demon is pretty much my high functioning autism, my low self esteem, my depressions, everything that just won't register because its "too much hard to understand". It breaks my concentration and rather wanna read about upcoming games and concept art, or watch Youtube videos of things I have already seen before. Or look at what Steam has to offer when all I want is to learn about how a new roleplaying boardgame I just bought and its rules.
This is what stands behind me whenever I try to create a world or a comic. It just stands there, disgusting and covered with grease and bile and just makes everything I do wrong and uncomfortable no matter how much I try to ignore it. This is my inner demon I so much want to kill, to just take a knife and just stab it and hear it scream of agony and die slowly before it finally dies.
This is me when I look myself at the mirror at times.


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