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My Inner Manchild by ViktorMatiesen
My Inner Manchild
So yeah, this one I have been wanting to paint for quite some time now.
This is my inner man child. The huge ugly and greasy baby that resides in me.
The inner demon that keeps pushing me down for every single thing I wanna do.
 I wanna play Skyrim or any open world RPGs that requires time and effort, It whines about taking too long and such. I wanna run the bike, It thinks that it might rain or its too windy. I wanna read a long book, It gets a headache. I wanna draw and plan the story for a comic I have ideas for, It exhausts itself because drawing comics takes too much work when thinking about ideas and comics is much easier. I wanna learn about something new, It rather wanna watch South Park.
Well you get the basic idea. This manchild demon is pretty much my high functioning autism, my low self esteem, my depressions, everything that just won't register because its "too much hard to understand". It breaks my concentration and rather wanna read about upcoming games and concept art, or watch Youtube videos of things I have already seen before. Or look at what Steam has to offer when all I want is to learn about how a new roleplaying boardgame I just bought and its rules.
This is what stands behind me whenever I try to create a world or a comic. It just stands there, disgusting and covered with grease and bile and just makes everything I do wrong and uncomfortable no matter how much I try to ignore it. This is my inner demon I so much want to kill, to just take a knife and just stab it and hear it scream of agony and die slowly before it finally dies.
This is me when I look myself at the mirror at times.
Skye the feline Mage/sorceress/witch/whatever by ViktorMatiesen
Skye the feline Mage/sorceress/witch/whatever
I am so so so sorry for not be able to update on atleast a month but I have been REALLY busy with making comics and such for a upcoming comic con later taking place in Stockholm where I live later in May but I atleast managed to put up SOMETHING... Enjoy a cute little feline magic user of your free choice.
Chinyere the Tigress by ViktorMatiesen
Chinyere the Tigress
Well, this is as stated in the title Chinyere, a feral tigress that I just wanted to see if I could draw a feral furry character and I think that I've pulled it decently enough. though to be fair, I did look at references online but I hope it will suffice.

PETA Motivational Poster meme by ViktorMatiesen
PETA Motivational Poster meme
My very first motivational poster, and this time its about PETA who is just basically a group in insanely inbred terrorists who uses violence and vandalism to force their opinion.
Only in 'Murica! by ViktorMatiesen
Only in 'Murica!
requested by chili19 who wanted me to draw her idea for a satirical depiction of the American double standards and lifestyle.

inspired by designs by humon and Mr Douchebag by the now retired rap comedy band Your Favorite Martian:…


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Viktor Matiesen
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
The year is 1982.
The Commodore 64 8-bit home computer is launched by Commodore International in Las Vegas and becomes the all-time best-selling single personal computer model. Steven Spielberg's "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" is released and becomes the highest grossing film of all time. Michelle Pfeiffer appears in her first leading role in "Grease 2". The THX Sound System is developed for use in movie theaters. The first emoticons are posted by Scott Fahlman. Sony launches the first consumer compact disc (CD) player (model CDP-101). Michael Jackson releases the biggest selling album of all time "Thriller". Hugh Grant, Angelina Jolie, Eddie Murphy and Glenn Close makes their film debuts. Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" loosely based on the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick premieres and sometime in between all that, THE VIKTOR was born last and young of three siblings.

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